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Please find below the latest news and events from Mellor Country House. Please get in contact with us if you have any news or events relating to fundraising for Mellor Country House. 

New fundraising for MCH during Lockdown – The Roof Window and Mellor Country House by John Woodward

Date: August 3, 2020

During lockdown I called my friend and neighbour Brian to enquire how he was doing. He wasn’t a happy man and it had nothing to do with the lockdown situation. For over 8 months he had been trying to get an electrician to come and repair his large ceiling window which opens with the aid of an electrical/mechanical mechanism and gives him access to his roof terrace. Although three electricians had been to look at the problem non would agree to take it on due to the complexity of the work involved. Brian told me “John, I’m prepared to pay whatever it costs, I need to solve this problem”.
Not knowing what I was getting myself into I agreed to go round and have a look at the situation the next day.
I had just finished talking to Brian when I got a Facebook notification from Elaine Nadine a very good friend, who had posted, that due to COVID 19, Mellor Country House had to cancel it’s annual plant sale and Sarah Laker a local business owner had decided to shave off all her hair to rise donations to compensate for this important loss of income. This could have been fate, as I saw an opportunity to help Brian and Mellor Country House at the same time.
The next day I went round to Brian’s and explained the situation and why Mellor Country House was so important to my mother, brother and myself. I told him I would take on the challenge of his window mechanism if he made a donation to Mellor Country House to compensate me for my time. Brian totally agreed and jumped at the idea.
The window and it’s opening mechanism had been installed 10yrs ago and it was embedded in a 15 inch thick supporting wall – typical Spanish style. I also discovered that the original manufacturers of the electric motor and mechanism no longer produced that unit, which meant everything had to be repaired.
Six weeks later all mine and Brian’s patience and perseverance paid off and Brian had a smile on his face as his roof top window opened and closed at the touch of a button. Brian has very kindly donated 1260€ (£1095) to the house and now we both have a smile on our faces.
After note: John Woodward grew up in Marple but has lived and worked in Barcelona for many years. Image is of John in action fixing the window.
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