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Mellor News & Events

Please find below the latest news and events from Mellor Country House. Please get in contact with us if you have any news or events relating to fundraising for Mellor Country House. 

Buzzing for Mellor – local business helps raise funds

Date: May 10, 2020

Sarah Laker from Stationery Supplies in Marple is raising funds for Mellor. This is what she said:

In these difficult times, communities need to come together more than ever to keep each other safe, but also to support the places we want to still be here when this is all over.

I have appreciated every single order placed through my website, because it has kept things ticking over for Stationery Supplies.

My heart broke when I saw the dire position Mellor Country House is in due to the pandemic: funding dried up, savings rapidly depleting, and running costs still needing to be covered.

My business has supported this wonderful local charity for many years, and the Laker family has supported it even longer.

Their work changes lives. Imagine growing up in hardship, having never seen a field or farm animals, then arriving at Mellor for a holiday with a parent, learning to ride a bike and running around outside freely. Or being a victim of domestic abuse and being able to relax in the idyllic setting of Mellor Country House.

This charity is literally a lifesaver to many, and a future without it in our local area is unimaginable.

With its annual plant sale and other fundraising activities cancelled for this year, it is up to us in the community to ensure its future.

So on Sunday, 10 May, I’m going to do my part – but I need your help. I’m getting a lockdown head shave courtesy of my husband Matthew, who has no haircutting experience whatsoever.

Will you sponsor my hair-brained act to help Mellor Country House?

Well Sarah only went and did it! And here is the proof

Buzzing for Mellor Country House

Posted by Stationery Supplies Marple on Sunday, 10 May 2020

Sarah, at Mellor we cannot thank you enough. Donations can be made via Sarah’s JustGiving Page

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