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Mellor News & Events

Please find below the latest news and events from Mellor Country House. Please get in contact with us if you have any news or events relating to fundraising for Mellor Country House. 

The Woodward Family

Date: August 31, 2018

In August 2018 two brothers (John and David Woodward) came to revisit the Home. 52yrs had passed since the first time they played in the grounds of Mellor Country Home. Back then just like today the home provided a much-needed escape to the countryside for them and their mother (Ada).

Ada was on the edge of a nervous breakdown after being abused mentally and physically by her husband and so made the decision to separate and later divorce him. Ada now 84yrs old told us it was a huge turning point in her and son’s lives. She explained it was a horrible time for me and being away from Manchester and in the safety and peacefulness of the home, allowed me to regain my senses and self-esteem, it was wonderful.

At the time David was only 14 months old and John was 7yrs old. John can still clearly remember, playing in the small stream at the back of the home. He told me his mother would hold David in her arms and would say to him “let’s close our eyes and just listen to the sound of the steam” His mother would also sing a popular song at the time “Moon River” sang by Andy William. John recalls with  tears in his eye but a smile on his face, when he thinks about the lyrics of the song and the words “Two drifters off to see the world, there’s such a lot of world to see “

Little did his mother know, but the strength she had while bringing up two young lads on her own would turn John and David not only into two successful men but into two experienced world travelers.

After finishing an engineering apprenticeship and then a business degree, John went on to spend almost 10yrs traveling and working his way around the world which included traveling across Nepal and Tibet and living with remote jungle tribes in Borneo and Papua New Guinea.

David did his traveling around the world by serving 22 years in the British Army where he rose to the rank of Warrant Officer One and was award the Honorable and Ancient Appointment of Conductor RLC. Ada on the other hand has never left the UK but still knows all the words to the song Moon River.

The Woodward family was very pleased to revisit Mellor Country Home and for their mother to recall the memories and the importance the home had played in her life at the time when she most needed it.

Both John and David appreciate the work of the home and firmly believe it is time to repay the support it gave to them so intend to investigate with Sharon (the manager) in what ways they can best help.

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