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30/05/2012 : New Furniture for the home
Grateful thanks!

Although the charity has been inexistence for over 100 years, boasting amongst other things the billeting of refugees in the first world war and the provision of accommodation for children evacuated from Manchester & Salford during the second world war, it is essentially by its very nature a local charity and will remain so.

I think it is worth mentioning however, that when the Home was built it was opened in 1907 by Lord Tennyson and one of its most famous subscribers was Winston S Churchill MP, look what involvement with the Home did for him!!!

Despite its really big contribution to society the Charity is completely independent and it's existence is dependent on voluntary donations and fund raising activities. With an ever aging building each year brings new repairs and replacements the costs of which are obvious concerns.

This brings me to my next bit of news which is the whole point of this article. Many companies do sterling work for charities, that is undeniable, however many of the large players only contribute to large national charities and receive the benefit of huge amounts of publicity for doing so. Our charity is not able to offer such exposure so we find it difficult to compete in this arena.

Under the circumstances I would like people to know about the amazing generosity of one particular company that has helped us immensely without the slightest attempt to court any kind of publicity whatsoever. Halo Furnishings Ltd (Altrincham) via Brays Furniture Ltd (Stockport) approached the charity to see if it could help us in some way and ended up replacing nearly all the downstairs furniture "in one go". The old furniture, all second hand and donated, was tired and shabby but has now been replaced with brand new good quality items, please click on the picture link to see the type of furniture that Halo has donated.

The whole ground floor has been completely transformed and when visitors come to stay here now they feel they have come to somewhere really special and that there are people in this world that do actually care about them. Very well done to Halo, a truly generous gesture, genuinely made and so gratefully accepted. This is the type of company that people should know about, a caring company that actively helps good causes without expecting anything back in return. Please follow the link below for more information thank you.
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